Community Project Funding

Thank you for your interest in Community Project Funding. You may read a comprehensive guide about the Community Project Funding process here.

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Community Project Funding (CPF)

CPF is an annual process that allows Members of Congress to request direct funding for projects that benefit the communities they represent. The initiative entails stringent eligibility, ethics, and transparency guardrails and is only available to state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, as well as some non-profits. Additionally, only projects with evidence of strong support from the community will be considered, and evidence of this support and community need is required as part of your submission.

Guidelines and Submissions

Please check the below guidelines and requirements before applying.

  • The deadline to submit a Community Project Funding request is March 17, 2023 by 5:00 pm EDT.
  • Please submit all FY 2024 Community Project Funding requests through this form.

For specific questions, please reach out to my staff by emailing You may also contact Shay Battle in my District Office at 201-389-1100 with any questions.

Ethics and Transparency Requirements 

The following requirements apply to all CPF requests:

  1. Each Member may only submit 15 CPF projects to the Appropriations Committee for consideration. Of those 15, not all 15 will be successfully funded. If your project is one of the 15 submitted, the full details of your request (including the information provided below) are required to be posted publicly online on this website.
  2. The Government Accountability Office will conduct a mandatory audit of a sample of enacted community project funding and report its findings to Congress. This report will likely be made public at some point.
  3. A Member, their spouse, and immediate family may not have any financial interest in the project.
  4. Federal Nexus Requirement: In order to ensure a federal nexus exists for each funded project, the Committee will only fund projects that are tied to a federal authorization law. Members must include a written statement describing the federal nexus for each Community Project Funding request. Subcommittee guidance will include example language Members can use to make the required statement

Additional Disclosures

Please also note that because Community Project Funding is an evolving initiative, additional requirements or needed information may be added at a later date. Our office will reach out to you directly if you have submitted a request for which additional information is needed.