Contact Hackensack City Council About Firefighter Staffing — (201)-646-3980

The Hackensack City Council currently plans to turn down a $2.4 million dollar federal grant, which the Hackensack Fire Department and Gottheimer clawed back from Washington to New Jersey.

This grant will hire new firefighters — to better protect the community and help lower property taxes by taking the financial burden off local taxpayers.

As the City continues to develop with new high-rises, hospitals, and more, a September 2022 public safety report called for Hackensack to increase the Fire Department’s response capabilities. We also know that upwards of 20 Hackensack firefighters will retire in the next three years.

Yet, the City Council plans to reject the grant and resubmit it for fewer firefighters.

They have until Saturday, November 19, 2022 to accept the federal grant.

Contact the Hackensack City Council at (201)-646-3980.