Clawing Back Federal Grants

This page will provide you with a central location for the wealth of information available about clawing back federal resources to Local Governments, First Responders, Faith Leaders, Hospitals, Nonprofit Organizations, Schools, and much more.

For assistance with navigating the federal grant application process, contact our Director of Return on Investment at or call at 201-389-1100 with any questions.

Helpful reminders when applying for Federal Grants:

  • Every applicant needs a Unique Entity ID number. To register for a UEI please use this link.
  • This office can help you get in contact with a federal agency, ask questions to federal agencies, and process a request for a Letter of Support for your application.

Since 2017, the Fifth District is now up more than 357% in grants, resources, and federal dollars clawed back from Washington. For 2021 alone, the federal tax dollars clawed back amount to an average savings of more than $750 for each household in the Fifth District. This federal investment helps to lower local property taxes, make local communities safer, and make life more affordable. We all need to work together to ensure we’re getting the strongest return on investment.


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