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  • Congressman Gottheimer Announces Fifth District’s Service Academy Nomination Selection Committee
    Posted in Press Releases on October 19, 2017 | Preview rr

    Today, Congressman Josh Gottheimer announced the Service Academy Nomination Selection Committee of New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District. The eleven men and women represent veterans of the United States Armed Forces, alumni from the service academies and have more than 50 years of combined service in their branches. The eleven members of the committee will evaluate applicants for the five United States Service Academies and make recommendations to Congressman Gottheimer. Read more

  • Gottheimer Tackles Connectivity in Hardwick
    Posted in Press Releases on October 18, 2017 | Preview rr

    "A year ago, we had a nice young family move into Hope -- three young children in the Hope School System. The Mom and Pop do business out of their homes. They called me last week and said 'we're moving out of Hope. We cannot get internet services to run our businesses and our kids don't want to be here. They can't get on their computers and do the things they want to do.'" Read more

  • Gottheimer Applauds Alexander-Murray Deal
    Posted in Press Releases on October 17, 2017 | Preview rr

    GLEN ROCK, N.J. -- Today, in response to emerging details of the Alexander-Murray bipartisan health care plan, Congressman Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5) released the following statement. "I am pleased to see the bipartisan Senate plan reflects the key elements of the Problem Solvers Caucus's bipartisan proposal to reduce premiums and provide key fixes to health care that will help New Jersey. We worked closely with Senators Alexander and Murray, several governors, and others from both parties to help s... Read more

  • STATEMENT: Problem Solvers Caucus Leadership Commends Murray and Alexander
    Posted in Press Releases on October 17, 2017 | Preview rr

    WASHINGTON – In response to the announcement of a bipartisan health care deal in the Senate, Problem Solvers Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) and Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) released the following joint statement: “For months now, the Problem Solvers Caucus has been working to find a bipartisan solution to help stabilize the individual marketplace, reduce premiums and costs, and increase choice and state flexibility — in a fiscally responsible manner. This summer, our Caucus — 23 Democrats and 2... Read more

  • Gottheimer Returning the President’s Call: Let’s sit down and fix health care, not blow it up.
    Posted in Press Releases on October 13, 2017 | Preview rr

    "The President tweeted this morning ‘Dems should call me to fix!’ Well, here’s my call: we’re ready to sit down and fix health care." Read more

  • STATEMENT: Problem Solvers Caucus Co-Chairs on CSR Executive Acti
    Posted in Press Releases on October 13, 2017 | Preview rr

    In response to recent executive action on Cost Sharing Reduction Payments (CSRs), Congressmen Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5) and Tom Reed (NY-23), co-chairs of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, released the following joint statement: “Congress must step up to stabilize the health care marketplace for American families. The Problem Solvers Caucus released a bipartisan plan that included funding Cost Sharing Reduction payments (CSRs) to prevent premium increases and allow for more options for consume... Read more

  • Gottheimer, Mast Introduce the US-Israel Common Defense Authorization Act
    Posted in Press Releases on October 12, 2017 | Preview rr

    "We must prepare for the serious threat of a nuclear-armed Iran when key provisions of the deal expire. That’s why I’m proud to introduce this bipartisan bill to defend Israel from Iran and Hezbollah and reinforce our ally's qualitative military edge in the region with "bunker buster" munitions. Iran and its terrorist proxies throughout the region must never be able to threaten the U.S. or Israel with a nuclear weapon." Read more

  • Gottheimer’s ‘Tax Cut Tour’ Visits Hackensack Defense Manufacturer
    Posted in Press Releases on October 10, 2017 | Preview rr

    "General A&E is a classic example of a successful New Jersey business that has done well, but is held back by our burdensome tax system and high rates." Read more

  • Gottheimer Statement on Silencer Bill
    Posted in Press Releases on October 4, 2017 | Preview rr

    I’m happy to hear that Speaker Ryan has pulled the silencer bill during this time of national mourning for the tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas. I look forward to taking up the issue how best to protect people’s rights, keep people safe from guns, and ensure our first responders aren't continuously exposed to these horrific situations -- issues including closing the terror gap and strengthening background checks. I am haunted by the horrors of the events in Las Vegas and the countless incident... Read more

  • Gottheimer and Himes Lead Letter Demanding Equifax Insider Trading Hearing
    Posted in Press Releases on October 2, 2017 | Preview rr

    In the letter, the Members wrote, "We insist on a complete investigation of the facts regarding these trades. There is also interest in examining the extent to which this conduct and other recent high-profile judicial decisions highlight the need for reforms in insider trading laws generally. Insider trading is a crime against the American public and our financial markets—striking at the heart of their integrity and fairness. It is the responsibility of this Committee to call attention to these activities and to ensure that securities laws appropriately protect the American investor and consumer." Read more