STATEMENT: Gottheimer Statement on Articles of Impeachment

Today, Monday, December 16, 2019, U.S. Congressman Josh Gottheimer released the following statement:

From its inception, I promised to follow the facts of this inquiry to the end, not prejudge its outcome, and render a decision driven by the Constitution, not partisan politics. In the subsequent weeks, I listened to testimony, reviewed all available evidence, including the Intelligence and Judiciary Committee reports and transcripts, listened to my constituents, and spoke with Constitutional experts.

Having considered all of the evidence and its impact on our national security, and given the Administration’s efforts to prevent Congress from executing our Constitutionally-mandated oversight responsibilities, I must, for the sake of our country, support the Articles of Impeachment.

I believe there is nothing more important to our country than our national security and the rule of law.  I agree with our Founders that the President cannot -- and must not -- abuse his power. No one is above the law.

Given the deepening partisan divide of our country, and the all but certain dismissal in the Senate, I would have considered a different course -- including censure -- if it would have resulted in a strong, bipartisan refutation of the President’s actions. I worked to find Republican colleagues willing to hold the President accountable. However, not a single one was willing to support censuring the President.

What has pained me more than anything is how divided our nation has become, particularly over these last months.  But, we have faced more daunting moments in our history, and I am confident that, in the end, if we put country ahead of party, we will come out stronger and our best days will always be ahead of us.