WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, now a month into spring, Reps. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ-5) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA-1) called on the Administration and leaders in Congress, from both parties, to take immediate action on the following key, commonsense policy areas with strong bipartisan support. 

“We owe it to the American people to make progress on these critical issues that matter to them. We need to stop letting partisan differences get in the way of making their lives better. That’s what they hired us to do,” said Fitzpatrick and Gottheimer.

  1. All-of-the-Above Energy Plan: To help lower oil and gas prices, and make life more affordable for Americans, pass legislation that focuses on responsibly boosting short term supply with more domestic projection, eliminating U.S. reliance on oil from bad actors, and continuing to pursue long-term climate goals.
  2. Delay Ending Title 42 Until Comprehensive Plan in Place to Secure the Border: To ensure there is comprehensive plan in place to secure the southern border, pass the bipartisan Public Health and Border Security Act to prevent the President from rescinding Title 42 immigration restrictions until all COVID-19 related national states of emergency are officially terminated.
  3. Invest in Law Enforcement: Pass legislation — like the bipartisan, bicameral Invest to Protect Act and the bipartisan Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) on the Beat Program Reauthorization and Parity Act — to help local police departments hire officers and ensure law enforcement has the resources and training they need to keep themselves and their communities safe. In short, fund, don’t defund law enforcement.
  4. Address Supply Chain Chokepoints, Manufacture Semiconductor Chips in America, & Boost American Competitiveness: Finalize the conference negotiations for the bipartisan competition and innovation bill — to boost domestic manufacturing of semiconductor chips, address issues impacting America’s supply chain, and ensure our nation can compete against China.
  5. Stand Up for Our Veterans: Pass bipartisan legislation to support veteran mental health care.  
  6. Lower Prescription Drug Costs: Pass bipartisan legislation to deliver lower prescription drug costs for families nationwide.
  7. Fight Cancer: Pass bipartisan legislation to help accelerate scientific discovery in cancer, like the bipartisan Knock Out Cancer Act, to boost investment in cancer research.