Problem Solvers Caucus Members Plan Bipartisan Visit to Southern Border

Jul 17, 2019

Members of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus will be visiting the southern border of the United States in the Rio Grande Valley on Friday, July 19, 2019. Among the facilities the Caucus members will be inspecting are points of entry, a border patrol station, and a centralized processing center. Caucus members will also be inspecting the physical U.S.-Mexican border and will participate in briefings and discussions with experts on the ground. Reps. Lloyd Smucker (R-PA) and Dean Phillips (D-MN) are co-leading the Problem Solvers Caucus’ visit. 

“Like so many Americans, I remain deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis at our border that is affecting so many children and families. It’s important that members of the Problem Solvers Caucus are able to speak with experts on the ground during their inspection of the facilities there,” said Rep. Josh Gottheimer.

“We care deeply about the people caught up in the broken immigration system.  As a result, we need to come together to find a solution to this crisis that can be signed into law,” said Rep. Tom Reed.  “We, as a caucus, and more broadly, as a nation, need to have the hard discussions on this matter in order to find consensus that ensures the safety of our border and fair treatment of all immigrants, legal and illegal.” 

“This will be my second bipartisan visit to our southern border. I was so struck by what I witnessed the first time that I resolved to co-lead a bipartisan group of lawmakers on another visit. We’re not going just to see the crisis for ourselves – but to sit at a table as Democrats and Republicans and discuss actionable ideas to reform our broken immigration system. I’m hopeful that we can work together to immediately improve conditions at our border and identify solutions that members of both parties can support,” said Rep. Dean Phillips.

“The crisis at the border is one of the most pressing issues facing our nation and must be addressed by Congress. I am proud to lead this bipartisan visit with Rep. Dean Phillips to see first-hand the dire situation on our southern border. I am hopeful that the Problem Solvers Caucus can once again work together to put forth bipartisan solutions to this critical issue,” said Rep. Lloyd Smucker.

“We’re headed on a fact-finding mission to see firsthand the crisis on the border, the challenges facing our border patrol agents, and discuss a long-term solution,” Rep. Fred Upton said. “Our system is overwhelmed and we need to work together – Republicans and Democrats – to address this humanitarian crisis.” 

“With the crisis at the southern border worsening, it is our duty as Members of Congress to visit detention facilities and come up with solutions to quickly address the situation. There is no doubt in my mind that the Problem Solvers Caucus is uniquely equipped to face this challenge head on and I am confident that our visit will result in real solutions that Republicans and Democrats can both support,” Said Rep. Kurt Schrader.

“The crisis at our southern border requires a lasting and bipartisan solution. Since arriving in Congress, I have been calling for members on both sides of the aisle to work together and I am encouraged to join this bipartisan visit to see firsthand the crisis at our southern border. There are no easy answers to these issues but there can be common ground when people of good faith work towards a common goal to understand and fix the problem,” said Rep. Anthony Gonzalez.

“As someone who has spent my entire career working to protect the homeland, I know that protecting our country and ensuring migrants in our care are treated humanely are not mutually exclusive — we can and must do both,” Rep. Elissa Slotkin said. “The overcrowding and failure to provide basic necessities for migrants, particularly children, at the Southern border fails to live up to our moral responsibilities, and requires our urgent attention. I look forward to joining a bipartisan delegation of members to see firsthand what is happening in our name, and better understand exactly how Congress can take action to solve this problem.”

“My colleagues and I in the Problem Solvers Caucus will be heading down to our southern border this weekend to speak with border patrol officials and see firsthand the challenges that we are facing. There is no question that there is a humanitarian and national security crisis at our southern border.” Said Rep. Steve Watkins.

“An unprecedented numbers of immigrants have overwhelmed our southern border creating a dire situation,” said Rep. Dan Lipinski.  “We’ve seen appalling conditions at detention facilities.  We’ve seen our asylum system overburdened. We need to find solutions. I look forward to joining my Problem Solvers Caucus colleagues to see the situation first-hand so that we can learn more and then work on commonsense solutions that reflect the priorities of the United States and treat everyone with dignity.”

“We must address the humanitarian crisis and national security risks at our nation’s border. This bipartisan trip will give us a first-hand look at the current situation and challenges at the border, and an opportunity to meet with and discuss policy solutions with the hardworking men and women who work at the border,” said Rep. Paul Mitchell. 

“Congress has a duty to enforce a safe and secure border, while ensuring that those immigrants who work hard and pay taxes have a legal pathway to citizenship. The current situation at the border shows just how broken our immigration system is.  It is our duty in Congress to work together to fix it,” said Rep. Susie Lee. “It is my hope that the Problem Solvers Caucus can bring Congress together to find a bipartisan solution that strengthens our border, protects Dreamers, and ensures a fair pathway to citizenship. This trip is an important first step, but even more important will be advocating for real solutions after witnessing the challenges we face at the border.”

Rep. Dan Meuser said, “The crisis at the border is real. I look forward to this bipartisan and informative trip discussing issues with both sides of the aisle to find a workable solution.”

A previous version of this release incorrectly attributed a quote to Congresswoman Elaine Luria.

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