RELEASE: Gottheimer-backed “Stay in Jersey” Legislation Passes NJ General Assembly to Attract Businesses and Families to New Jersey

Builds on Gottheimer’s “Stay in Jersey” Campaign. Fighting Back Against New York’s $23/Day Congestion Tax.

May 25, 2023

NORTH JERSEY — Today, May 25, 2023, U.S. Congressman Josh Gottheimer applauded the NJ General Assembly’s bipartisan passage of “Stay in Jersey” legislation — a bill Gottheimer worked on closely with NJ Assemblymembers Chris Tully and Lisa Swain and NJ State Senator Joe Lagana. 

Last year, Gottheimer launched a new “Stay in Jersey” campaign to attract families and businesses to New Jersey. 

The “Stay in Jersey” legislation that just passed the NJ General Assembly will provide grants to out-of-state businesses who allow their Jersey resident employees to work in New Jersey locations, and the bill takes steps to lower taxes for New Jersey residents working for out-of-state employers. 

By avoiding the expensive tolls, the cost of parking and gas, and New York’s proposed Congestion Tax, Jersey commuters will save nearly $20,000 a year to “Stay in Jersey.” Additionally, Jersey commuters will have less stress and more productivity from not driving hours into New York City.  

“With New York moving full steam ahead with their anti-environment, anti-commuter Congestion Tax, this could be an opportunity to get families, businesses, and jobs from New York City to New Jersey. To compete with the rest of the country, working closely with our state legislators, we’re one step closer to providing ‘Stay in Jersey’ tax incentives for businesses that move jobs to Jersey,” said Congressman Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5). “I want to thank Assemblyman Tully, Assemblywoman Swain, and Senator Lagana for helping draft ‘Stay in Jersey’ legislation to get more families and new businesses to Jersey. Living and working in Jersey will give our families more time with their loved ones and help them avoid New York’s $23-a-day Congestion Tax.”

Gottheimer is fighting to help residents and families stay in and move to Jersey:

  • Gottheimer proposed a new “Stay in Jersey” tax incentive for businesses that move jobs to Jersey, including opening up satellite offices tax credits for businesses that buy Jersey-made products. By staying and working in Jersey, empty office parks will be filled, workers can avoid commuting for hours every day and spend more time with family, local stores and restaurants will benefit, and New Jersey state and local tax revenue will increase, rather than benefiting New York.
  • Gottheimer helped get the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act signed into law to help grow Jersey’s manufacturing jobs base, boost R&D taking place in the state, help accelerate U.S. production of semiconductor chips, and help reduce our reliance on China.
  • Gottheimer has fought for and supported legislation for universal child care and paid family leave, to help parents be able to work and support their families and to lower the barrier for making a living in New Jersey.
  • Gottheimer has worked to help Jersey’s small businesses and critical industries navigate approvals and licenses and cut through red tape helps businesses grow — whether in wind and renewable energy, health care, finance, local stores, restaurants, or labor getting shovels in the ground to build roads, bridges, and buildings.


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